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Magnifique montre Gigandet Wakmann en acier inoxydable, Dato-
Compax Triple Calendrier Chronographe, calibre Valjoux 72C, mouvement mécanique, remontage manuel, bracelet de cuir marron avec boucle dépliant en acier inoxydable.

Beautiful and rare Gigandet Wakmann stainless steel watch Dato-
Compax Triple Calendar Chronograph, caliber Valjoux 72C, mechanical movement, hand winding, tan leather bracelet with stainless steel folding buckle. Dated 1970.
Diam: 40 mm with the crown.

it is the best of all ever seen Gigandet-Wakmann. One of the most iconic watch of all time, many highly collectable and rare. Here we are picking out one famous name in the world of one Jean Claude Killy. Killy was the greatest ski racer of his day, his run in the 68 Olympics is legendary, winning three Alpine skiing medals. It is believed that on that day he was wearing a Rolex Chronograph, the big date version 6236. However whilst not proven he wore that watch, he featured in many Rolex ads over the years and has been a Board member of the company for 40 years. However the 6236 was one of the few Rolex’s to actually figure both full date and chronograph function. They manufactured five models known as “The Killy” until the mid-60s. But it could just as well have been this incredibly beautiful Gigandet-Wakmann identical to the Rolex, only much more rare, with an incredible aura and extremely beautiful “topical” patina.

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